Meet, Relax and Connect
Apart from our regular services, we have many other activities that regularly contribute to the life cycle of the church and its residents.

Home Groups
One of the best ways to make friends at St Martin’s and to develop the Christian faith and relationships more fully is to join one of the church’s small home groups. The church has a number of these groups which meet either weekly or fortnightly during the week for worship, prayer, friendship and discussions.  Why not go along once and see what you think?!

Faith in Work Group
Our Faith in Work Group meets once a month from Spring to the beginning of Winter.  This group explores issues of faith and work and encourages a deepening of faith and witness in our daily occupations.

Alpha Course
Our Alpha course is a relaxed and informal introduction to the Christian faith, suitable for those who would like to explore the Christian faith, possibly for the first time.  It assumes no prior knowledge and aims to give people a chance to examine for themselves the core beliefs, practices and experiences of Christianity.  These are done in small groups, in a home and in an informal way.

Prayer Group
Every fortnight on Thursday’s at 2.30pm, our prayer group meets for an hour in a home close to the church.

Parents, Toddlers & Children
At St. Martin’s we try and ensure that everyone is included and that our children are given time and space of their own with age specific activities, as well as being able to share in our worship together.

Crèche (ages 0-3)
Open every Sunday morning from 9.50am for pre-school children to play with a range of toys in an informal atmosphere.  Parents are welcome to stay although there are always at least 2 adults present.

Sparklers (ages 4-7)
This group meets in the newly renovated middle vestry.  This group is slightly more structured than the crèche with a focus on the bible reading of the day with related activities such as craft, drama and games.  This group is led by at least 2 adults.

Explorers (ages 8-12)

This group meets in the newly renovated children’s chapel.  It is the most structured of the groups and uses drama, art and craft to explore the meaning of the bible reading of the day.  There is a music session for this group following the morning service.  This group is led by at least 2 adults.


If you are interested in joining one of our groups then please contact us – we really look forward to hearing from you!